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Shalom Homecare is a vibrant company based in Leicester, providing care at home to individuals requiring personal services in Leicester, Leicestershire & Northamptonshire. It consists of a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and empathetic workers, combining an exciting variety of skills, education and a wealth of experience to create “Shalom Homecare,” with the aim of bringing great benefits to its clients. This well-considered collaboration of Workers’ skills and wide ranging abilities ensure that Shalom Homecare clients receive the absolute best care, from the right team, tailor-made and suitable to cater for their individual needs. Shalom Homecare, furthermore, has the capability as well as the ability to integrate other specialist services if and when necessary. The unmatchable and undisputed strength of Shalom Homecare lies in its strategic, well-considered collaborations with other vibrant companies, benefiting from the variation in specialism, skills and expertise of composite companies.

Shalom Homecare will deliver services effectively and efficiently, using clear monitoring procedures, while maintaining amicable relationships with all stake holders and any interested parties. Shalom Homecare is set for excellence as it can boast of Project Partnerships with numerous reputable companies, which assist in the provision of an array of management talent in various disciplines of Care provision, ensuring that Shalom Homecare achieves the highest standard of care delivery with sound management systems. More importantly, Shalom Homecare is a proud member of Leicestershire Homecare Alliance which came together in an effort to share and promote best practice in the provision of care. This gives an assurance of adequate support to succeed in any care venture that Shalom may wish to delve in.

Shalom Home Care operates from 51 Warren Avenue,Leicester, LE4 9WX. It is a home-based business committed to providing care for adults who by reason of illness, infirmity or disability are unable to provide care for themselves without assistance.


Our company name is derived from the Jewish peace greeting “shalom”- a word packed with meaning. It only means peace, but also wholeness, fullness, nothing lacking, nothing broken and nothing missing. Our logo-the dove with the green leaf, symbolises not only love, but peace and gentleness. The green leaf symbolises life, health and prosperity. Our vision is firmly rooted in our name and logo, and we are true to our motto-“Providers of Choice”.


 *We aim at enabling people to lead as comfortable and fulfilled lives as possible.
 *We seek to support our service users to remain valued members of our community irrespective of ability or disability.
 *We believe in service user independence, their right to make choices, and their right to privacy and dignity.
 *We actively encourage self-directed support, enabling our clients to make their own decisions about what care and support they require to lead a full and independent life.
 *We seek to offer a wide choice in how our clients’ needs are met.